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Universal Black Headrest Mounted Dog Guard

Product Code: VY24142
  • Creates a robust and secure barrier
  • Universal fit with adjustable width: 106-145cm
  • Effortless fitting process, no tools required
  • Keeps both driver and dog safe
  • Mounts securely to headrests
  Universal item, suitable for most vehicles.
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Keeps Pets Safe
Keep your furry friends safe while traveling, with the KUBO Universal Dog Guard. This dog guard creates a secure barrier between the boot of your car and your car seats, keeping your dog safe and avoiding those distractions on your journey.

Universal Fit
This mesh dog guard fits most hatchbacks, estate cars and compact SUVs. The guard includes different fittings to allow you to achieve a snug fit for your car, and is handy if you have two cars that your pooch will be travelling in. It features adjustable side wings that can be extended to cover any gaps and prevent furry noses sneaking through. Its adjustable width means it will fit your car perfectly and measures between 106-145cm.

Easy to Install
Fitting is quick and easy, with all parts included and no tools needed. This dog guard comes with 3 screw lengths and features different mount positions, allowing you achieve the perfect fit for your car and the most secure barrier for your pet.


  1. Line up the wire frame to the rear stems of the head rests to achieve a perfect fit.
  2. Attach both poles to the wire frame, lining up with the head rests and making sure the pre-drilled holes are towards the bottom.
  3. Once the poles are connected, take one of the side wings and line up again with the rear headrests.
  4. Using the connecting clips provided, attach the side wing in the position. The wider part of the wing should be at the bottom when attaching.
  5. Follow the same procedure for the second wing.
  6. Using the screws that are supplied, thread into the screw caps, then thread into the fixing poles. Two lengths of screw are provided to allow for a perfect fit.
  7. Screw the hooks loosely onto the other end of the screw that is now through the fixing pole.
  8. Assemble the dog guard in the correct position and attach the hooks to the stem of the vehicles head rests.
  9. Tighten securely by twisting the screw caps. Be sure not to over tighten as this could damage the dog guard.
  10. Adjust the side wings if necessary to fill any remaining space.

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