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Sakura Dog Guard Fitting Guide

Posted in Guides | September 7th 2018

The situation: you love to take your furry friend (or friends) with you in the car, but struggle with them trying to get through the seats and distracting you. The Sakura Dog Guard could be just what you need to create a robust and secure barrier, without negatively affecting your dog in any way.

The guard includes different headrest fittings to allow you to achieve the best fit for your car, and it features adjustable side wings to cover any gaps that maybe present after fitting.

Fitting is simple, and we've put together 10 easy-to-follow steps to help you out.


1. Line up the wire frame to the rear stems of the headrests to mark where you need to fit the poles.






2. Attach both poles to the wire frame to line up with the headrest stems. Make sure the pre-drilled holes are towards the bottom.






3. Once the poles are connected, line up again with the rear headrests and place one side wing against the frame, extending as far as you can.





4. Using the connecting clips provided, attach the side wing in the pre-determined position. The wider part of the wing should be at the bottom when attaching.





5. Follow the same procedure for the second wing.







6. Thread the screws into the screw caps, three lengths of screws are provided for a perfect fit. Then, place the screw through one of pre-drilled holes, aligning it with the base of the headrest.





7. Screw the hooks loosely onto the other end of the screw that is now through the fixing pole.






8. Place the attached poles in line with the headrest stems and attach the hooks to the stem of the vehicles headrests.






9. Tighten the hooks by twisting the screw caps until the dog guard is secure. Be sure not to over tighten as this could damage the dog guard.






10. Adjust the side wings if necessary to fill any remaining space, and you have fitted the dog guard!






You can get your own Sakura Dog Guard for £18.98, to keep both yourself and your dog safe on every car journey. Or why not combine it with the water resistant Boot Liner for extra comfort and care; get both for £29.99.