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Parent and Child Parking.

Posted in Articles | March 24th 2020

On car parks we see parents and child parking spaces being used by families with children but often people use them as normal parking spaces without having any children in their vehicle. But what are the rules with these parent and child parking spaces…

What are Parent and Child Parking Spaces?

Parent and child parking spaces are designated parking spaces for people who have children in their vehicle. These spaces tend to be wider than a regular parking space to give parents enough room to get their children in and out of the vehicle, this room is needed to manoeuvre with child carriers or pushchairs.

The parent and child parking bays are usually positioned towards the front of car parks, so children don’t have to walk across busy areas of the car park.

These spaces are usually indicated by an image of a parent and child, this will either be painted on the floor of the space or on a signpost by the space.

When can you use a parent and child parking space?

Parent and child parking spaces are reserved for parents or guardians with one or more children under the age of 12 years old.  

It isn’t against the law to park in a parent and child parking bay but if you are using the space without a child present then you could be given a parking charge notice.

If you are pregnant it is best to ask individual stores if they permit pregnant people to use the parents and child parking space as it is currently unclear what the rules are.  

Anyone who is a blue badge holder should be parking in the designated parking spaces available.

Can you be fined for using a parking space incorrectly?

If you are parked on a supermarket car park this is regarded as private property so their own rules will be enforced directly by the supermarket or they may have a private firm that handles parking penalties.

Firms like these are usually apart of an association like the British Parking Association or the Accredited Trade Association, so they must follow these association’s code of practice and rules. If you do receive a penalty notice, then you are able to appeal the charge through Parking on Private Land Appeals.

If you see anyone using a parent and child parking space incorrectly then it is best to speak to the store manager and allow them to take action.


We hope this article makes the rules on parent and child parking spaces clear for everyone. Remember to only use these designated spaces if you are with a child under the age of 12!