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Guide: Choosing Your Floor Mats

Posted in Guides | January 3rd 2019

Protecting your car floor from wear and tear is important in ensuring you get the best life out of your vehicle. A great way to stop excessive wear and spillages is to fit floors mats, which also provide a great customisable element to your car. However, with so many different types, it can be difficult to know which to choose. We've put this guide together to help:

Tailored Vs. Universal

Is it worth paying more for tailored van mats specific to your vehicle? In a word; yes! Here's why:

1. They Look Better

Universal mats often look poor because they're made with materials that can be easily mass produced, to ensure that they fit most, if not all, vehicles. In comparison, with tailored fit mats the material is higher quality and you can get mats to suit your vehicle and taste with a choice of material, colours and trim.

2. They Fit Better

Tailored car mats of course fit better as they are specifically made for your vehiucle make and model. Unlike universal mats, they also protect the entire foot well as they're tailored to fit around all of the pedals and panels. Floor fixings are also including where applicable, to ensure they fit perfectly and don't slip. 

3. They Last Longer

As they are made from OE quality materials like carpet and heavy-duty rubber, our tailored car mats last longer than a universal fit alternative. This makes they much more eqipped to cope with daily use and wear.


Choosing Your Material

Generally, our car mats are available in carpet or rubber. variations. We generally say that carpet mats are better suited to light everyday use and rubber to heavy-duty all-weather uses - i.e. if you use your car for work.

At Simply Car, our floor mats are available in carpet, premium carpet, rubber and heavy-duty rubber. Here's our recommended uses for each mat type:

- Carpet - suited for light daily use, i.e. commuting to and from work

- Premium Carpet - great for those who want a premium feel and look

- Rubber - the best option for those who use their car in muddier conditions or for daily work 

- Heavy-Duty Rubber - the ultimate rubber car mat. Perfect for heavy use, or stylised purposes  


We hope this guide has helped you to decide on exactly what floor mats you need for your car. Shop the entire range of tailored-fit mats HERE, just select your vehicle!